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A community of founders that build and grow together

Contribute to projects where you can show your skills. Earn equity in startups.
Web3 and Web2 startup or communitiy founders: track contributions & manage governance without the fuss.

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AI Assisted time tracker

Project X

Elon's latest endevour

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What X will become in 2024.

Interested in contributing to a project?

  • Be a pioneering founder
  • Influence the direction of the project
  • Work closely with the core team
  • Contribute as little or as much as you like
  • Earn equity accordingly
  • Gain authority
  • Acquire new skills and knowledge.

Accord allows you to work in harmony to earn your slice of equity in transparent and equitable way toward a common goal.


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You'll need to have installed:

  • Metamask
  • An account on the Celo blockchain
  • At least one Celo token.